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Deforestation Frontiers in Gran Chaco: Future Scenarios Highlight Urgent Need for Sustainable Land-Use Policies

18 May 2024

Commodity agriculture spreads into tropical dry forests, eroding their ecological and social integrity. We studied historic land-system change and future scenarios for the South American Gran Chaco. Findings highlight urgent conservation planning to mitigate adverse impacts from agribusiness and support sustainable land-use futures. Learn more: 

Levers, Christian; Piquer-Rodríguez, Maria; Gollnow, Florian; Baumann, Matthias; Camino, Micaela; Gasparri, Nestor Ignacio; Gavier-Pizarro, Gregorio; le Polain de Waroux, Yann;  Müller, Daniel ; Nori, Javier; Pötzschner, Florian; Romero-Muñoz, Alfredo; Kuemmerle, Tobias (2024)  What is still at stake in the Gran Chaco? Social-ecological impacts of alternative land-system futures in a global deforestation hotspotEnvironmental Research Letters  19 (6)