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IAMO Concludes 16th GIS and Spatial Data Analysis Course

03 June 2024

From May 27-31, IAMO hosted the 16th annual course "Introduction to Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Analysis", organized by the Land Systems Group. This course is a part of the Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics , offered collaboratively by 13 universities and research institutes across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

The course provides the fundamental concepts, methods, and software tools essential for the exploration, analysis, and visualization of spatial data. Students gained hands-on experience with open-source GIS software, enabling them to apply these tools to real-world data and research projects. This year's course attracted 15 doctoral researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including agricultural economics, rural development, and conservation. The course highlights the importance of spatial data in addressing complex socio-economic and environmental issues related to rural and agricultural development. 

The next course is scheduled for May 2025, with applications due to open in September 2024. Stay in touch!