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New paper published in the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

24 July 2020

In this paper, we use participatory, multi-criteria decision making to build a sustainability index to assess the sustainability of the farming system in the Argentine Chaco. Our results suggest that almost all 185 farms assessed in the four target provinces have one or more indicators that were below the sustainability threshold. This finding calls for discussions on the reasons for the perceived lack of sustainability and can inform the formulation of better targeted agricultural and environmental policies.

Seghezzo, Lucas; Huaranca, Laura Liliana; Vega, Mónica Liliana; Jeckeln, Gabriela Virginia; Avalos, Marcela Andrea; Iribarnegaray, Martín Alejandro; Volante, José Norberto; Serrano, Federico Hernán Mónico; Mastrangelo, Matías; Sun, ZhanliMüller, Daniel (2020) Sustainable farmers, deficient State? Self-reported agricultural sustainability in the Argentine Chaco regionInternational Journal of Agricultural Sustainability